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Faculty Thoughts

Anne M. WalderProfessor of Business Administration

EU Business School, Online Campus

Why Should Organisations Recruit Multidisciplinary Talents?

December 2019

Suddha Chakravartti, Head of Research, EU Business School, Switzerland

Sethaphong Schangruantkul, Bachelor Student, EU Business School, Switzerland

Reflections on the Climatic Costs of Our Food Choices

November 2019

Luc Craen, Managing Director & Vice President

EU Business School, Switzerland

Generation Z: Addressing the Leadership Challenge

March 2019

Judit Kozenkow, Professor of Economics

EU Business School, Switzerland

Borderline: Women in Informal Cross-Border Trade in Malawi, the United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia (UNCTAD)

February 2019

Osmond Plummer, Professor of Finance

EU Business School, Switzerland

Mathematical Models and Mental Methods

January 2019

Robin Reid, Professor of Management

EU Business School, Switzerland

Reflections on Online Courses. 

June 2018

Robert S. Green, Professor of Media Psychology and Cross Cultural Communications

EU Business School, Switzerland

Contemporary Issues of Learner Uncertainty Avoidance: Educator Perceptions on Technology and the Absence of Textbooks in Higher Education

June 2018

Marc Guerrero, Professor of International Relations

EU Business School, Barcelona

The Future of Geo-Politics with the Rise of the Virtual State (e-State)

June 2018