Research Conference 2021
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Research Conference 2021

Challenges and Prospects of Business Education in a Post Covid-19 World

Wednesday, 07 July 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed and a catalyst for unprecedented changes and disruptions in higher education. A sector that has previously remained most insulated from global forces, the emergence of the pandemic, compounded by the proliferation of technology, has forced stakeholders in higher education not only to adapt to the disruptions, but to evolve and re-invent itself.


The main aim of this virtual conference will be:

  • to discuss the current challenges and prospects of the online delivery of business and higher education;
  • to generate and exchange new ideas on teaching and learning in the post-COVID 19 world;
  • to provide a conceptual framework for future research in the area that would aid in the creation of evolving strategies for teaching and learning in business and higher education;
  • to provide a platform for dialogue and engagement amongst global scholars and stakeholders in business and higher education to promote further research collaborations and partnerships.

The conference proceedings will be recorded and published. It is also intended to publish the contributions and findings of the conference in the form of an edited book series at a later stage.

Themes and Focus Areas
  • Evolving strategies and pedagogies in business and higher education;
  • Creating student experiences, retention, and engagement in the new learning environment;
  • Emerging technologies in online learning;
  • Challenges and prospects of face-to-face vs. online teaching and learning;
  • User experience in online learning;
  • Value proposition of the existing models of higher education;
  • Cross cultural exchange, diversity, and inclusivity in online teaching and learning.
Who Should Participate?
  • Researchers, faculty members, scholars and teaching staff from business/higher education and research institutes;
  • Doctoral and post-doctoral candidates;
  • Members from educational training and pedagogical institutes.

This virtual conference is free of charge for both participants and attendees.


As a speaker: If you wish to participate as a speaker at this conference, kindly submit your proposal in the form of an Abstract/Expression of Interest of 250 words (with 4-5 Keywords) on a topic relating to any of the above themes. Your proposal can be based on a pre-published paper, published paper, or an idea generator for future research.

*Submit your Abstract/Expression of Interest directly with with the subject title ONResearch Virtual Conference 2021.

As an audience: RSVP will be available shortly

Important Dates
  1. Submission of Abstract/Interest: Monday, 14 June 2021
  2. Confirmation of Acceptance: Monday, 21 June 2021
  3. Announcement of Final Program: Monday, 28 June 2021
  4. Virtual Conference: Wednesday, 07 July 2021

For further details, write to us at and follow us on LinkedIn.