ON Research | Editorial & Review Board
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Editorial & Review Board

Editorial Board

Dr. Suddha Chakravartti


Head of Research, EU Business School

Dr. Svetlana Elinova

Managing Editor

Registrar, EU Business School

Ugochukwu Ikpeazu

Content Editor

Research Associate, EU Business School

The main functions of the Editorial Board are listed below:


  • Promote research and scholarship in the thematic focus areas of ONRESEARCH
  • Help develop and proliferate ON RESEARCH within the wider academic community
  • Act as a focal point between the authors, peer-review board, and the advisory board.
  • Manage the structure and content of ON RESEARCH. Also make decisions pertaining to the initial screening of submissions (articles/cases/book reviews)
  • Ensure and uphold the integrity, rights and interests of contributors, reviewers, and readers
  • Supervise the reviewing, revising, and copy-editing of submissions.
  • Act as the final decision-maker for submission selection.

Review Board

The current independent and blind peer-review board for ON RESEARCH consists of scientific and academic reviewers from the following institutions listed below. Other institutions may be added on the recommendation and approval of the advisory board. The main functions and responsibilities of the Peer-Review Board are to:


  • Critically assess and examine submitted contributions in order to evaluate their feasibilty for publication
  • Decide whether a contribution is accepted, rejected, or needs to be further revised before publication
  • Assist in the promotion of quality standards in research and academia.

Current Peer-Review Board (as of January 2018)

The University of Roehampton, UK

The University of Derby, UK

Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM), Spain

Advisory Board

The advisory board for ON RESEARCH provides strategic guidance and advice on the policy and scope of the journal. They also assist in the identification of research and thematic areas pertaining to the journal and attract authors to contribute their research. The current advisory board consists of:


  • Mr. Luc Craen, Vice-President & Managing Director, Swiss Campuses, EU Business School
  • Dr. Olivier Brenninkmeijer, Academic Dean, Munich Campus, EU Business School
  • Prof. Stef de Jong, Academic Dean, Swiss Campuses, EU Business School
  • Prof. Isabel Salvat, Academic Dean, Barcelona Campus, EU Business School
  • Dr. Jose Lamas, Professor, EU Business School