Research Conference
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Research Conference

The research conferences serve as a platform for academics, experts, and local and international researchers  to collaborate within the framework of the research strategy for the year. EU Business School holds several key research conferences during the year, both exclusively, as well as with partners. The conferences aim to promote an exchange of opinions on topical issues, and also discuss the challenges faced in the areas of research and expertise. Each year, the conferences are dedicated to a specific theme announced in a call for proceedings 8-10 weeks in advance.

Academic year 2019-2020

The Research Conference 2020, hosted by ONResearch, is an opportunity for deep-dive discussions into the findings of ongoing research within the EU Business School network. This virtual event explores the evolving post-Covid-19 landscape in the context of consumerism, business/individual continuity, and productivity.

The Evolving post-Covid-19 Landscape

On consumerism and business continuity, we reflect on the death of content marketing and the impacts the pandemic will have on the fashion and luxury industries. On productivity and continuity, we reflect on the job market as well as the challenges and opportunities of doing business in special contexts. The variety of concepts here serve as the basis for a rich and engaging discussion on how individuals/habits have been influenced by the sudden changes in society as well as how businesses have had to adapt to satisfy needs and keep up with habits. From fashion to the sports industry and from slums to Darwin, join us as we connect the dots to reveal new images of our society.

Presented papers:

How Darwin and X-Men can help you find a Job in the Sport Industry?

by Vanessa Tribet

The Death

of Content Marketing

by Bill Morrison, Raphaele Cline and Margaryta Pugach

Fashion and Luxury

in a Pandemic

by Lesley Botez Lawson

Business in Special Contexts – Underserved Communities

by Ugo Ikpeazu and Godwin Abaimun

Session recording:

Academic year 2018-2019

On May 3rd, 2019, EU Business School hosted its first ever Design in Business Conference to further analyze the past, present and future prospects of design in business. While design is often associated with the world of art, it also plays a critical role in the world of business. Skillful design is not only a key factor in driving business success, but design can also be an effective problem-solving tool and a key driver for innovation.

Leading Looks: The Power of Design in Business

It is common practice to separate design and business in most organizations, as well as in most curricula. Design has traditionally been viewed as “creativity,” and deployed as the final component in the production process. However, design contributes to creating Products, Processes and Profiles: it is both a transversal function across all staff support functions, and a line function, where Looks Lead and influence that bottom line.  Design is integrative, and those firms and organizations that have Leading Looks apply design throughout, from product and service development to designing market appearance and communications, while using design as the system for the continuous development of their very organizational structure and operations. Leading Looks are both comprehensive and unique.


The conference highlighted the importance of design in business. Hosting this conference allowed EU Business School to serve as a platform to reach a wider audience and form a nexus between different players and synergies. It is our commitment to introduce research and provide thought leadership in a novel field that is yet to be considered by most business schools.  Importantly, the event will form a community between the methodic and professional, and the curious and creative.

Academic year 2017-2018

The 2018 Research Conference was entitled “Beyond Leadership: Humanity”. The conference took place on May 24th, 2018 at EU Business School Geneva. It added to the outcomes of our successful Leadership Seminar in November 2017, which provided deep insights into management aspects of the 4th industrial revolution, with respect to the interactivity between things, tasks and technology. EU Business School selected an interesting theme for this research event focusing on the missing link: although the world has never been a better place to live, the current global leadership architecture is archaic. We believe it is time to go back to the basics and focus on the most important trends. And the missing link in these multifold trends seems to be the human being: what role for the individual in our common future?  The 2018 Research Conference was seeking to bridge the gap between pragmatic solutions and our common future.

Beyond Leadership: Humanity

The first session, entitled: “Leadership vs. Responsible Management?” was dedicated to the human side of leadership and its importance. It included discussions on coaching as an individual solution to collective responsibilities and looked into family business and start up leadership specifics, as well as into many other related aspects of management.


The second session investigated the human element in technology development based on the example of the Blockchain technology, covering privacy issues in Blockchain usage, the role of the individual in the new architecture of data management and Sustainable Development Goals in relation to the new technology development. These and other topics were discussed amongst peers during the session “From Server to Value Chain?”.